This blog is written by Dr. Matthew Cooper, an independent researcher and writer on history from East London.

I originally started this blog to look at Dominic Sandbrook’s history of Britain from 1974 to 1974, Seasons in Sun, line by line with the object assessing the degree to which this is in any way an accurate or grounded history.  This reflected my view that his previous three books covering the preceding twenty years of British were shoddy work, being based more an an appeal to popular prejudice than a scholarly attempt to understand the past.

The line by line process was slow, and has stalled on a number of occasions, but I intend to return to it from time to time.   I will be moving most of this content to my general history blog http://britishcontemporaryhistory.com/ under the “The real 1970s” tab in the autumn of 2014.

This blog has expanded a little to look at Sandbrook’s other work.  His 2013 BBC series Cold War Britain set a new low for TV history and seemed to me to mark his final move from academic historian to right-wing propagandist.   His regular column in the Daily Mail too has shown that Sandbrook is now more interested in feeding that paper’s readers considerable prejudices than critically understanding history.   I will be maintaining this blog to keep an eye on Sandbrook’s increasingly right wing ranting.


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