Strange Days Part 2: The Beatles Win the Cold War.



There was a bit of the benefit of the doubt in my partial review of the first part of Dominic’s Strange Days.  It promised that this series would have a look at the cultural impact to the Cold War.  Now I have finished watching part 2, oh dear.  What we have is entirely one-sided nonsense.  What about the intervention of the CIA into British politics with the Campaign for Democratic Socialism after the Labour Party voted for nuclear disarmament in 1960?  And more generally into cultural life with their funding of Encounter magazine?  What we are presented with here is a very patchy, impressionistic and ultimately one sided diatribe.  It will take a while to attempt to ground all of this, but I will be attempting to do so in the next few weeks.  History is not a boys’ own spy story.


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One Response to Strange Days Part 2: The Beatles Win the Cold War.

  1. Ken says:

    Indeed this was near the beginning of Americas pernicious advance into our politics and culture.
    Seldom seen as anything other than beneficial.
    Lok forward to more from you.

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