David Edgar in the Guardian

 – Apologies for the scarcity of posts in the last few days (and the next few) –  I have a deadline coming up that is diverting my energies and I don’t want to put up anything which is half-baked.

In the meantime David Edgar’s review in The Guardian today is very good.  Some of the comments (and there are many) are quite vitriolic.


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2 Responses to David Edgar in the Guardian

  1. Are you of a similar age to Mr Sandbrook or older? I have gained the impression that you are a mature post-graduate student who has some tangible memories of the decade and perhaps even some experience of involvement in left politics? I ask because I have childhood memories of the 70s and came to political maturity during the following decade (involvement with CND, the Labour Party, the Miners strike etc) and would like reasurance that I’m not too long in the tooth to embark on a post-grad history degree myself!!

  2. Your impressions are spot on. . I think I may be a little older than you and 10 years older than Dominic. Do the MA (if you are in London the KCL is the best contemporary British if that is what you are after). They don’t cost that much when you consider the money you save but not having time to do anything else.

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